Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.07.04 at 07:52 hrs

Weekly Report No 193, CW 28

From Monday, 05.07.2004 to Sunday, 11.07.2004
The 3rd floor looks shiny bright and the first reactions show that we are still on the right path... Parallel to the demolishing work of the old entrance area where the benchwork for Scandinavia will soon be setup, some more things happened: the tunnel to America received glass panes and offers a clear view to passing trains. Moreover, we have a small video clip which also reveals the solution for last week's riddle...
Miniature layout in 1:900 scale

The solution to last week's question: It is indeed a miniature layout of 1/900 proportion.

Miniature layout in 1:900 scale

We will try to fit ii into one of the Speicherstadt buildings and thus have a Miniatur Wunderland in the Miniatur Wunderland....

The 3rd floor is ready and accessable

The third floor is ready and open to the public. We now have a more generous entrance area and a brand new restaurant: Larger seating area, faster service, and a larger selection from our menu card (Visitor information -> prices -> menu).

The mini dioramas

Now we know what Bobby worked on the last weeks:

The mini dioramas

numerous mini-dioramas invite you to stay in "WCity" ;-)

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