Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.07.04 at 07:54 hrs

Weekly Report No 192, CW 27

From Monday, 28.06.2004 to Sunday, 04.07.2004
The finals are called for in the 3rd floor... As is usual shortly before an opening ceremony, nearly everything gets on the nerves. Showdown is next week but the original date - Monday - can't be kept. Next week will show if we can meet Thursday now. On the layout, too, some things happened: As could already be read in our forum, the "RoLa" (Rolling highway) is running in America since a week. Right in time for the opening of the 3rd floor we managed to complete a 2-sided tour guide which will be handed out to our guests so they cannot get lost in the mere 3500 m2 exhibition area that now stretches over two floors.
The tour guide

Page 1 of the tour guide in DIN A3 format shows the already completed layout areas and points out some highlights.

The tour guide

Page 2 is an overview showing the two accessable floors and contains tips and hints to all important places.

What might be in this parcel?

This small parcel arrived from the US state with the unpronouncable name... What might be in there? Hint: it has to do with the number 900 ;-)

The bistro under construction

Barely imaginable...

The bistro under construction

that this chaos should be cleared up in a couple of days...

The Scandinavian trackplan

Here we go finally: These are the track plans for the new Scandinavia section. Principles: we want to build a layout that awes the visitor and makes him want to see the places we're modeling. Therefore, national landmarks and railroad-typical curiosities have priority over a realistic geography and infra-structural side effects since most of the planned topics and items can't be built realistically in the given space. The main reason for this is the ship-system with real water which has to offer enough room for the ships longer than 1 meter (3 ft).

The 'scribble' for the connection Hamburg - Denmark

This is a scetch of the tracks connecting Hamburg and Denmark. A contractor of the Wunderland already has his orders... for a mean, fat concrete bridge spanning the scenery to Denmark. Protest of some green organisations have already been rejected by the court. Also the local church fell in deep panic but nonetheless: the church will have to make room for this project...

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