Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.06.04 at 07:57 hrs

Weekly Report No 190, CW 25

From Monday, 14.06.2004 to Sunday, 20.06.2004
Finally the heavy equipment arrives - Apart from the new air condition which also has to provide freah air for the third floor, the new kitchen also arrives and will be completed next week. The carpenter team around Sven Becker is meanwhile busy to create the right "welcome feeling" in the new shop area. The current standing for the opening ceremony of the new restaurant and entrance area : 1st week of July. If this date can be met... we'll see next week...
Knuffinger Tageblatt, 21.Juni 2004

Gary-Soft wins it all

Last Tuesday, the Knuffingen senate voted unisono to convert the highway into a toll road. This is considered the approbiate method to fill the town's purse which is constantly empty due the frequent fires at historic castle Loewenstein. After receiving all offers from the local technology and software companies, the order was given to the well known company Gary-Soft of Knuffingen on last Friday.

After successful testing from Sunday, 23:05 until Sunday, 23:08, the system was handed over to the public. Already after 24 hours of daily service it was proven that the Knuffingen engineers stand up to their world-wide reputation. There were no faults in the system and the first invoices have also already been collected on-line.

The truckers, too, showed a lot enthusiasm. „Now this is a lot easier than elsewhere.

No line-ups for hours at some toll station. The invoice is sent by mail or simply debited to the creditcard or some. I even get bonus miles with Lufthansa. And it was correct to the cent. Yeah, I cross-checked it; was a bit suspicious because of my experience in that other big country, ya know.“ told us Harry H. from "Nobody's Faster And Always Secure" at Bad Klosterberg.

Once again it proved that due to the supporting contributions of the Knuffingen media the easiest way out of a crisis is the way of standing together.

Delivery of new climate unit

Heavy duty equipment...

Delivery of new climate unit needed to haul the parts...

Delivery of new climate unit

of the new air condition up to the 5th floor.

Delivery of new kitchen equipment

Next day ...

Delivery of new kitchen equipment

...the new kitchen arrived.

Delivery of new kitchen equipment

Here too, we didn't want to miss the crane..

The new tenant of the highest office building

The new tenant of the highest office building behind Hamburg main station moved in.

Drunkards and vandals are always good for trouble

Vandals and guys who had just one (or a couple...) too many are adding to the hassle. Meanwhile, the law's arm (poor boy) has his hands full with the parade of July 4th...

Hopefully, this won't cause trouble...

Hopefully, this won't cause trouble...

The sculpterist

The young sculpturist tries her hands on an oversized statue - considering the area she works in, it can't be gypsum. Which kind of stone might she be working with?

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