Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.06.04 at 08:04 hrs

Weekly Report No 189, CW 24

From Monday, 07.06.2004 to Sunday, 13.06.2004
This week's line of VIPs visiting our layout is really hard to top: Hartmut Mehdorn, who visited us for the first time, made a great start. I'm not going to report the MFM, since I count on the participants who will certainly compile a comprehensive report. More next week...
Hartmut Mehdorn in the Minatur Wunderland

It was a real pleasure to to give Hartmut Mehdorn...

Hartmut Mehdorn in the Minatur Wunderland

...a personal tour around the layout.

Knuffingen City Limits

Knuffingen city limits - this is a superb gift of the forumaniacs for our second MFM an saturday and sunday. It will be kept in a place of honor near Knuffingen.

Forumaniac standard drink

Forumaniac-standard drinks: left O18, right U18 ....

Free Fall Towerat the fun fair

The fun fair has a new attraction: The Free Fall Tower is right in the center of the fair and attracts everybody.

The light control software

The new version of the lights control-software during testing.

The light control software

It runs astonishingly stable. This is one of the many projects, Gerrit works on (part-time?) in his secret chamber.

American art?

Funny things, Americans do when the sun burns down...

The American traffic control system

Just in time for the second MFM: the traffic control system in America. One of the next reports will cover it in detail...

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