Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.06.04 at 08:07 hrs

Weekly Report No 188, CW 23

From Monday, 31.05.2004 to Sunday, 06.06.2004
The preparations get closer to the deadline and all over the place nervous forumaniacs can be seen who can't wait for next weekend: The second MFM (Miwula Forumaniacs Meeting) is right on! Olli (ofronk) even dropped by just to clarify the last details... Well, apart from the MFM the construction work in the third floor is a focus-topic. So let's have a quick glance into the new rooms:
The bistro-counter will be located here

The bistro-counter will be located here.

The new stairway is ready

The new stairway is also ready

The new stairway is ready

(although this photo is a view to the future: it was shot the 14/06) :-)

The entrance area under construction

The new entrance area is making progress, too...

The cashier's counter

... even the cashier's counter (which will also house the wardrobe) is pre-mounted.

Snapshot from the highway

Be at the right spot at the right time: The road-train skidded and blocks the highway. Pretty good that the firefighters still have the emergency lane to bypass the traffic jam...

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