Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

31.05.04 at 08:09 hrs

Weekly Report No 187, CW 22

From Monday, 24.05.2004 to Sunday, 30.05.2004
This week, we'll keep the focus on the wall in the ceiling and, since makes just two pictures, have a look back on some older projects that near completion.
The techno-crowd for the G-Move

The techno-crowd for the G-Move has to be hand-painted because...

The techno-crowd for the G-Move

the fancy clothes are not commercially availabe.

The trucks for the G- Move

A couple of trucks for the Wunderland G-Move are already finished and the "party-crowd" already occupied the available spaces. Other vehicles are still under construction, including the one, we built in 1/1 proportion.

What could this be?

The mystery of the week: What might this be?

The light-project

The building is more or less complete: Blinkenlights, a project initiated by the Chaos Computer Club is nearly ready to go into the layout.

Traffic control system in the American section

Keyword: Traffic Control System in America - planned deadline is next week. This project meanwhile consumed far more than 500 man hours.

Where there's work, there's also debris

Oh well, the nightshift didn't quite make it and so the contruction team leaves for the long weekend knowing...

Construction work in the 3rd floor

...that a lot of rubble is surely waiting for them to come back. Only after this mess has been cleaned up, construction work on the new stairway can start.

Charging station for the American CarSystem

Finally, a foto of the new charging station for the US-vehicles.

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