Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

24.05.04 at 08:10 hrs

Weekly Report No 186, CW 21

From Monday, 17.05.2004 to Sunday, 23.05.2004
While our electricians lay down miles of new wiring, the preps for the second ceiling break-through, through which our guest will enter the layout from the resaurant in the (hopefully) near future, are fully under way. Next week,the saw will be here and the break-through will be accomplished. Since a couple of days, America is camera-controlled and Sven turns to the next project, meaning the sound-system for America. To be exact, he just needs the sound samples to fire up the 3D-sound system.
The restrooms under construction

The restrooms in the 3rd floor slowly take shape.

Floor tiles in the 3rd floor

Quite obviously the biggest progress in the 3rd floor: the floor itself.

Floor tiles in the 3rd floor

More than 600 sqm tiles have to be laid out and more than half is already done.

Preparations for a real 'break-through'

The preparations...

Preparations for a real 'break-through'

...for the central ceiling break-through.

A new wall in the waiting room

There's a new wall in our waiting room. From the main entrance (the 3rd floor will be the permanent entrance from end July/beginning August) it's either the short way to the left or straight on into the waiting area.

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