Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.05.04 at 08:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 185, CW 20

From Monday, 10.05.2004 to Sunday, 16.05.2004
Oh, a new report... OK, what happened last week? The sun was shining at 25°C and a light breeze animated to jump into the shallow waters of the Mediterranean... err, hmmm, sorry, wrong building section... So we leave the Mediterranean and go back to the Wunderland: The most comprehensive but invisible project was the relocation of the charging station for the US-vehicles. It had to make room for the central stairway and was relocated behind the central control stand.
The Alps

Here's a foto of the latest effect in the Alps: Very good to see is the echo in the mountains...

St. Wendel at night

As already mentioned at another place (Hello, you highly alert forumaniacs), here's the second new special effect: the nightly thunderstorm over St. Wendel (after the 15th try in vain I gave up photographing the flash, so here's a picture of the thunder only... ;-) )

Construction of the new entrance area

Granite tiles are laid down

Construction of the new entrance area

in the future entrance/shop area...

Construction work in the 3rd floor

Why would I bet that the 'Railing Gods Club' will choose exactly this position for their weekly meetings?

The hotel New York in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is complete again since the 'New York' is completely wired for lighting and back to it's place.

NYK-storage in America

Let the trucks roll in. The new NYK storage is ready...

Preps for a TV-Event

Preparations for a TV-event which will be broadcasted Wednesday, 06/16.


Bobby seems to be bored and so he builds mini-dioramas...

Track maintenance in St. Wendel

Track work behind St. Wendel - The local authorities assure, however, that the expected summer travel will not be effected.

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