Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.05.04 at 08:16 hrs

Weekly Report No 183, CW 18

From Monday, 26.04.2004 to Sunday, 02.05.2004
This week the first official entry to the 3rd floor is open to the public. Behind the "Schauertal-Bridge" , right to the end of the layout, is a broad stairway down to the bathrooms and the cinemas. At the same time, the complete area behind the control stand is demolished. The old bathrooms have to make room for the central stairway.
The 3rd floor

This is the view of the end of the 3rd floor, now accessable by the public.

The 3rd floor

There are two cinemas,

The 3rd floor

lockers, and additional bathrooms...

Construction in the 3rd floor

Meanwhile the pass-through holes are broken into the walls in the middle area and also the dividing walls for the respective future areas are set up.

Opening of the warehouse in America

This scene ist not quite complete but NYK will very soon open their newest storage and warehouse in America.

The control stand

The carpenters made good use of the last couple of days...

The control stand

and gave the control stand it's final finish.

The old cinema and the toilets behind the control stand

The old cinema and the bathrooms behind the control stand are now closed to the public.

The old cinema and the toilets behind the control stand

Behind those dirt-protecting walls the new stairway is built.

Manfred at his every-day repairs

Every morning, Manfred tours the layout's fascia and repairs broken figures, glues back trees, and does all sorts of other repair work to present the layout in an orderly and fresh manner.

View from the 'Schauertal-Bridge' to the last room.

This view goes from the "Schauertal-Bridge" to the last room. Right to the left is the stairway that leads down to the 3rd floor where the bathrooms and cinemas are now located.

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