Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.04.04 at 08:19 hrs

Weekly Report No 182, CW 17

From Monday, 19.04.2004 to Sunday, 25.04.2004
This week, we'll have a glance at the progress in the development area in the 4th floor and focus on the topic "Means of traffic". Opening of the 3rd floor's new part (cinemas and bathrooms) will take place beginning May.
The model builders's corner

Across the floor and facing the electronics department the model builders moved into their oversized working areas. There certainly won't be any problems to create oversize buildings on these tables...

The CNN car in America

Present and past?

A horse drawn wagon in America

In any case, both vehicles are typical american and can be seen in the same town.


Well, not everybody is fit for a boat or raft ride. This is what those young ladies on the raft just learned... On the other hand: I wouldn't have the coolness to stand at the bow of the raft during this trip...

Amphi-car in America

Special constructions are a common sight in America...

Hamburg has 3 test busses powered with hydrogen

Hamburg has 3 of the new buses powered by hydrogen. However, apart from the new model in the Wunderland, we couldn't make out one of them on the line # 6 in front of our building.

Road maintenance

The old rescue station had been thoroughly overhauled and...

Road maintenance

... is now used by a road maintenance company.

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