Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.04.04 at 08:20 hrs

Weekly Report No 181, CW 16

From Monday, 12.04.2004 to Sunday, 18.04.2004
During the weekend, Thomas Furch and we decided upon the pre-selection (best 30 out of more than 400 applicants) for the contest. On Monday, after the last applications came in, 8 of the last 30 contestants have been invited to the next round. For those who didn't make it: We're just sampling 2 free tickets and a DVD plus your application. The parcel should arrive beginning May.
Fly me to the moon...

Recently the first Shuttle test mission was launched from Cape Ken.

Fly me to the moon...

The flight went right to the moon and we just received incredible pictures from outer space. The only comment from NASA was "No comment"...

An alien in America

At the same time, the FBI headquarter in Miami told us that this picture, shot by a tourist in the Everglades, has absolutely nothing to do with pictures from the moon...

What's going on there?

Is it Phillip Marlow on duty or just a passer-by or just a tourist whith the snapshot of his life?!

The stairs are ready

The stairs are ready! Now we're waiting to finish the construction work in the lower floor and it will be ready for use.

The carpenters's shop

Also ready...

The model builders's corner

and usable are the new workshops behind the stairs.

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