Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.04.04 at 08:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 180, CW 15

From Monday, 05.04.2004 to Sunday, 11.04.2004
Topic of this report: Vacancies and their influence on daily life. On top of that, we have a look at the workshops and a very first glance to Scandinavia.
Capital derailment at Lake Julius

Capital derailment at Lake Julius

Capital derailment at Lake Julius

When the steel wires broke, the cable cars jumped off the tracks. Clean-up work took more than 24 hours due to the difficult terrain.

A vessel for Scandinavia

Scandinavia is coming! The first fully functional (remotely controlled) vessel si in the wharf and waits to be converted. The rudder machine has to be completely overhauled since the vessel is to be computer-controlled in the future...

Material delivery for the Wunderland

Always a spectatcular view:

Material delivery for the Wunderland

Delivery of building materials via crane right into the 3rd floor.

The new staircase comes together

The new stairway makes more and more progress. As soon as the rooms below are ready, the new cinemas and bathrooms will be located in the 3rd floor.

The carpenter's shop behind the stairs

A small carpenter's shop is set up behind the stairs.

The model builders' corner

Close by, new workshops for electronics and model buidling are erected - all in the 4th floor and readily viewable by the audience.

The waiting line during school holidays

Good for those who watched the waiting line prognosis. Failing to obey this recommendation (coming at noon when everybody sits down for lunch) may be "punished" with 2 hours waiting time - on some of these days, the waiting line ended downstairs: in front of the parking lot!! So keep in mind: ALWAYS check the waiting line prognosis!

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