Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.04.04 at 08:25 hrs

Weekly Report No 179, CW 14

From Monday, 29.03.2004 to Sunday, 04.04.2004
A lot of detailling; one has to look quite close to see the changes. But as the saying goes: " A model railroad is never finished"; so look out for all the small changes.
Construction work in the 3rd floor

The 3rd floor currently receives new flooring,

Construction work in the 3rd floor

thus enabling the offices below us to continue their work in silence...

The cafe in Las Vegas

The cafe in Las Vegas is back in it's place,

The cafe in Las Vegas at night

...already wired and programmed.

The Luxor in Las Vegas at night

The same goes for the luxurious entry area of the Luxor hotel.

The Liberty Statue in Las Vegas

Only the hotel 'New York' is still missing, but taking the Stautue of Liberty as a landmark, it is not difficult to guess where it belongs.

Speed control in Knuffingen

Oh oh, where do they set up? Who can give useful hints to Radio Knuffingen?

Incident in the Harz area

This scene, too, had to be re-worked, since the original had to make room for the sunflower fields.

Rafting on the Weile river

Good news : From now on, one may book rafting tours on the river Weile.

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