Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.03.04 at 08:31 hrs

Weekly Report No 175, CW 10

From Monday, 01.03.2004 to Sunday, 07.03.2004
Question: What is shown in picture 8? The solution will come next week ;-) But first things first: We currently still work on small details. A sign here, a footbridge there, and sometimes a slightly larger building like the entrance area of the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.
The sign of the Treasure Island hotel

Shown just last week and already programmed, the sail sits in it's final location.

Luxor Hotel: main entrance

The Luxor has only two entrances: the main entrance from under the Sphinx and...

Luxor Hotel: parking entrance

...the footbridge from the parking lot..

American car dealership

American car dealership...

American car repair

...and car repair shop ;-)


Flipper? Sandy, I think, he's got something to tell ya...

G-Move trucks under construction

Meanwhile Bobby styles the first G-Move truck....

What's this for? What's it going to be? And where? ;-)

What's this for? What's it going to be? And where? ;-)

Pictures contributed by Gerrit

Last week we showed how the coal cars are detailed. Now we got Gerrit's pictures from his vacation. So this is not Lutz's nightmare but just a pure, tough reality report...

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