Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

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Weekly Report No 174, CW 9

From Monday, 23.02.2004 to Sunday, 29.02.2004
Things are happening very fast now: the new lease is signed and it is time to reveal some of our plans for the future. Those who didn't already read it in the forum are advised to look up the updated "Facts" - page of this site. As soon as the statics - expertise is in, we'll have a glance at the floor plans! Now a quick glance to America before I disappear into the 3rd floor again to shoot fotos of the new rooms which will be seen next week.
Advertising signs for Treasure Island

Just in time for the season,

Advertising signs for Treasure Island

the Treasure Island hotel ordered new signs

Advertising signs for Treasure Island

which are nearly completed and wait to be installed.

The Hard Rock Cafe

Now, if this won't cause trouble... Two cafes for "tough" guys that close just call for a rumble...

Coal cars

Throwing with dirt is real fun! The results of this behaviour can be seen here: Out-of-the-box, brandnew plastic in this picture and

Coal cars

coal cars with lots of miles and a long row of successful "service" - years...

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