Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.02.04 at 08:36 hrs

Weekly Report No 172, CW 7

From Monday, 09.02.2004 to Sunday, 15.02.2004
The originally planned report has to be moved to some time later (probably to next week but it will surely come) so we will ahve a look at the current things on the layout:
Waves in America

The wind caused waves on American waterways..

A joint in the morning...?

A joint in the morning and the day is your friend???

The Eiffel tower for Las Vegas

The Eiffel tower is completely lit and awaits installation.

European students in America (censored)

These two european students surely will be in trouble once the park rangers round the corner...

Plane crash in the canyon

The plane is also positioned only needs to be programmed.

Levee defense at the North Seas shores

At the North-Sea shore line, the THW makes good progress defending the dyke....

The airport illunination

... while the lights fire off on the runway at the nearby airport!

A wind dynamo

One of the wind dynamos with special motor and a better gearbox is running in a longtime test. First test results clearly speak for the more expensive motor...

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