Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.02.04 at 08:38 hrs

Weekly Report No 171, CW 6

From Monday, 02.02.2004 to Sundayy, 08.02.2004
"What's going on?" the American would ask, as it seems that currently there's not much progress. At a closer look, however, it is obvious: working on "open sites" makes good progress. Many of the push-button actions are currently being overhauled (among them more than half of the sky-rides). At the same time we are working on the Hamburg G-Move, the counterpart to the Berlin "Love Parade", which will find it's place at the Landungsbruecken area. 4 trucks will accompany the dancing crowd. We also found another project in our drawers: The blinkenlights - project initiated by the Chaos Computer Club will find a location on our layout. Gerrit had the software ready when we opened the Hamburg area but then America came in ;-)
Super heroes

There he is, the super hero spooking through Las Vegas for some time now. Bitter taste: Those looking for him do that in vain... the figure has 'vanished'....

Pirates in Vegas!.

A lot of trouble is going on in front of the Treasure Island hotel: Pirates fighting, sails ablaze, and in the end the boat leaks and sinks!

The interactive fire engine

The interactive HLF, part of the dyke defense scene, invites to play: There's a display in front of the layout which has push buttons to switch on and off all lamps on the vehicle.

Levee defense

The vehicle is part of the dyke - defense scene.

Levee defense

The helpers reinforce the dyke with sandbags against the dreading floods.

The FBI and aliens playing basketball

Basketball... Hmmm... Well, somehow ... Oops, as I just hear, the photographer has been arrested by the CIA and is currently interogated... Oh oh....

Illuminating the Eiffel tower

In the meantime, the lighting of the Eiffel tower standing in Las Vegas near the Paris hotel, is completed.

Illuminating the Eiffel tower

Work is scheduled to be finished this weekend. Let's see...

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