Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.01.04 at 08:42 hrs

Weekly Report No 168, CW 3

From Monday, 12.01.2004 to Sunday, 18.01.2004
Oh, a weekly report ;-) The focus is on the bits and pieces left over in America, some repair work in Hamburg, and plans for the future (Yes, we will report promptly, as soon as we have more detailled informations)
Wiring for a Las Vegas hotel

This picture should make clear why it takes so long until such a hotel is wired...

Wiring for a Las Vegas hotel

This is just the room lighting; we're not talking the facade - lighting yet!

Track demolition amidst the Alps?

Track demolition amidst the Alps?

The Knuffingen turn high up in the Alps

Yes, but on purpose. Down in the evening, the track was up and running again the next morning (Regards from the nightshift).

The Knuffingen turn high up in the Alps

The turning loop on the way from Knuffingen into the Alps is now extended for more than a meter, the gradient is lower than before, so trains shouldn't get stuck any longer in this spot...

The street walk of Las Vegas

Trouble on the street walk in Veags

Robbery in a garage in the American section

A hold-up, the situation is serious... or not? will someone come to the rescue? Who knows... Speculations, as usual, please post them in the forum;-)

Sit still !!

'Sit still!', that's what every mum says. Not every time the consequences of not obeying mum's words will be as fatal as in this situation...

Jack and Elwood Blues in America

Yeah!!!! Finally!!!

Jack and Elwood Blues in America

Jacke and Elwood Blues are 'in town' ;-)

Hikers and Ranger in America

Normally, bears are reported to the ranger....

Dwarfs in the Rockies

but in this special case, the hikers watched something else...

Evacuation of the Miniatur Wunderland

Result of an evacuation training in co-operation with the Hamburg Dungeon and the fire fighters (which went remarkably well): The emergency-stop button which Gerrit programmed. In future, it will save some time and makes sure that the ceiling lights go on completely. Our special thanks go to all visitors who - just like our associates, not knowing what's going on - had to participate in the training. To make up for this "little surprise", the opening times were extended for half an hour, although the evacuation just took 5 minutes and everybody was upstairs after 15 minutes.

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