Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.12.03 at 08:50 hrs

Weekly Report No 164, CW 51

From Monday, 15.12.2003 to Sunday, 21.12.2003

Some may have noticed it: the last days didn't leave much room to take care of an intense photo report about the American section. Therfore, I really have to thank Arne, who took a look around America and sent me the following pictures:

Diver's paradise Key West

Key West always invites divers to a trip on one of the diving boats.

Water skiing in Miami

Question of the week: Why is the skier's wave so big? But ATTENTION: You forumaniacs of the Tuessday-Club are not eligible to participate this time! ;-)

Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Miami Beach

and its beach liefestyle are legendary....

Drive-In cinema in Miami

The Drive-In cinema with its short movie is a pushbutton - action.

Miami at night

At night time...

Miami at night

Miami also has a lot of charme.

Fast food restaurant

Finally, something to eat ;-) This is a perfect place to wait for food when outside the new freight train rumbles by with its 70 cars.... at prototypical 30 mph ;-)

The highway in America

Hell broke loose on the highway...

The tree slide in the logging area

Using this tree slide, the felled trees are transported from the logging area...

The tree slide in the logging area

in the Rockies righgt down to the sawmill in the valley.

High noon!!

A shoot-out. Just show or downright serious? Who cares, the tourists like it anyway :-)

The waterfalls

The waterfalls are a real eye-catcher. But please, don't touch them. They're made of caulk...

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