Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.12.03 at 08:54 hrs

Weekly Report No 161, CW 48

From Monday, 24.11.2003 to Sunday, 30.11.2003

Well, here is the lates weekly report! And there is a lot to marvel at, most and for all that the wall has gone. Current state of the topic 'Opening America' : Monday, December 8, 2003.

Apart from the weekly report, we have a special report covering the fair 'Modellbau 2003' which we attended with our booth.

Now. let's have a look at the pictures:

Last touches to Las Vegas

The team is still busy wiring Las Vegas. After all, as many lights as possible have to glow on opening day.

Building Las Vegas

Since most of the hotels are still in the workshops, we have the largest here as far as detailling goes. But those reading our reports on a regular basis know:

Building Las Vegas

This area is our speciality and so Gerd has absolutely no doubt that at the opening day, we will have a stunning city in this place .

The Grand Canyon

Wide open skies.... (except for the dangling power lines)

The Western town

The Western town is finished and the village on the ridge also nears completion as can be proven in picture 8.

A waterfall

The master himself - Gerd Dauscher - models the waterfall near the layout's fascia..

The sawmill

The only thing missing for the sawmill is the wooden tree slide which is still being worked on.

The sawmill

As already mentioned: Also the upper area has come very far and will soon be completed.

Illumination in the canyon

Lighting impressions -

Miami at night

captured during the night simulation,

America's Central Station during night time

which now covers the complete layout.

Modellbauwelt Hamburg

Not to forget: The fair 'Modellbauwelt Hamburg' (28th November, 2003 - 30th November, 2003)

Modellbauwelt Hamburg

Our booth covered an area of 200 sqm ( 2153 sq ft ) and featured a stage, 6 work places, a surprise from Cologne, and a cinema. On top of that, the place was constantly packed with people!

Modellbauwelt Hamburg

The kids hat a lot of fun on our stage.- They competed in setting up starter packages. The winner had to run a train a forward and backward through the oval without derailing it. Not an easy job for kids, especially under time pressure but they magaed it extremely well.

The Car System at the Hamburg fair

Focal point of the Miniatur Wunderland booth:

The Car System at the Hamburg fair

The CarSystem-layout which had been in Cologne to be featured by Stern TV the Wednesday before the fair.

The Car System at the Hamburg fair

The team needed the complete Thursday to return from Cologne but nonetheless arrived in time for the fair setup...

Gaston attending the Modellbaumesse in Hamburg

After Gaston lost competing against this young model railroad professional (Track laying is not your's, right? ;-), he had to endure a really tough punishment:

Gaston attending the Modellbaumesse in Hamburg

Next day, he had to build a plastic bridge with his opponent ;-)

Gerhard Dauscher attending the Modellbaumesse in Hamburg

Gerhard Dauscher showed the obviously very interested public on a 50 x 50 cm diorama how to build realistic scenery. In one day, the visitors could follow all steps from the naked frame to a finished and scenicked landscape.

Anja attending the Modellbaumesse in Hamburg

other workplaces also showed off their talents. Here we have Anja building the last houses for the American section. Of course, our repair shop and the electronic department were also on site. Quite a few technical conversions with the public developed on more or less all workplaces ;-)

Stephan Hertz attending the Modellbaumesse in Hamburg ;-)

Well, and this gentleman is the author of the weekly reports and the on-site coordinator ;-)

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