Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.11.03 at 08:59 hrs

Weekly Report No 159, CW 46

From Monday, 10.11.2003 to Sunday, 16.11.2003

Emphasis in the American section is now on fine tuning and detailling the scenery. Parallel to this, our train operators run trains around the layout to discover any 'left-overs' from the model builders and/or flaws in the trackwork and to thoroughly test the function of contacts, occupancy detectors, and turnouts.

Chaos in America

Seemingly, there is complete chaos in the American section but a closer look reveals :

Chaos in America

The scenery is more or less finished, just details are missing..


Now trucks and cars are placed into the streets to enliven them. Sometimes, brand new chrome blinking trucks,...

Junk yard

sometimes rusty old junk....

A company, still without any humans

A few people and vehicle, and this corner (one of the hundreds we have to complete) will be finished.

America's animals

By now, animals live in the woods and for hiking tourists, the following rule applies:

A bear in the woods

Better leave the honey pot at home.... :-)

The launch pad for Cape Ken

The launch pad is now in its final place. The wood in the background serves as protection while folks are working in this area.

Canyon still under construction

Next step in this area is the preparation for the 'water'. This will certainly make for a remarkable optical change.

Lake and waterfall in the Rockies

Step by step, basic groundcover,

Lake and waterfall in the Rockies

paint, rubble and boulders on shores and in the water will generate the illusion of real water.

Working on the background

Meanwhile, an artist started painting the backdrop.

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