Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.11.03 at 09:00 hrs

Weekly Report No 158, CW 45

From Monday, 03.11.2003 to Sunday, 09.11.2003

High pressure is set to working on the lighting and detailling of the American section. All buildings, streetlamps, etc. on the layout are wired and programmed.

On another "front" the "battle" looks also fine, so that in the meantime, we consider to extend the test "Behind the scenes tour in the Miniatur Wunderland" beyond November. All offered dates can be found in the area Visitor information/Guided tours. Those who didn't book in advance still have a chance to fill in the remainig free dates on-site.

The Sphinx in Las Vegas

A new eye-catcher appeared in las Vegas. The elevated track in front of the Sphinx is also there in real life and will later be integrated into our 'train schedules'. Unfortunately, we have to wait for a couple of straight sections to complete the track. These pieces are ordered but are on a backorder list... Hopefully, they will arrive in time for the opening of America.

The huge steel deck bridge can be used by trains now

The huge steel deck bridge can be used by trains now

A tunnel portal

We've already seen this portal. In the meantime, gras grew on the rocks.

These houses are ready to be built in

Finished and wired houses abound the layout...,

These houses are ready to be built in

to be placed into their final locations.

Plants and factories started work!

The adjacent plants and factories...

A sawmill in America

are already humming with busy workers.

A Cafe in America

There's also a small cafe for tourists. The spectacular view over the water invites to sit down and relax for a while.

Gold diggers

A min gold rush was iniated when diggers struck a small vein.-

Gold diggers

Now some adventureous guys are out again for the yellow metal.

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