Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.10.03 at 09:03 hrs

Weekly Report No 156, CW 43

Montag, 20.10.2003 bis Sonntag, 26.10.2003

Somehow the speed in which the layout is changing every day, is picking up but that's no wonder: Vegetation and detailling leave more visible traces for the viewer than miles of wires laid out underneath the layout.

Consequently, many of the pictures shown are already out of date and invite review the scenes shown here in the next week ;-).

Miami's beaches

Miami is now enlivened.

The platform of Miami's station

Life is buzzing on the beaches and the station can also boast waiting passengers.

Securing the streets in the canyon

The streets in the canyon...

Securing the streets in the canyon

are secured with railings to prevent the CarSystem vehicles to go "Their own ways".

A road in the canyon

Somehow, this doesn't work in all places...

The Rocky Mountains

Paint and greenery helped a lot to improve the impression of the scenery pointing to the Rockies.

The Rocky Mountains

Next week, some larger plants will arrive.

The Rocky Mountains

The Rockies, which we built after parts of the Yosemite National Park,...

The Rocky Mountains

grow high up to the skies.

Covered bridge

Now it finally is in its location and in a few days, test runs can take place over this covered bridge.

The Christmas village, ready to go into the layou

The workshops also started their final lap. Here, the Christmas village has all the lighting completely wired and waits to be transferred to the layout.

The launch pad under construction

The electronics for the Space Shuttle launch pad is also nearly completed.

The control center

Tada! Finally working: the control center. Currently we connect the last PCs to the workplaces USA and CarSystem. Lights and trains are already controlled from here.

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