Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.10.03 at 09:04 hrs

Weekly Report No 155, CW 42

From Monday, 13.10.2003 to Sunday, 19.10.2003

Well, the word is spread: Currently, the opening for the American section is planned for the first week in December. In a couple of days, there won't be any more visible plaster and the greenery helps to to create the impression that America will be finished ;-)

However, just like opening of the Hamburg section, we almost certainly will increase the train frequency on a daily basis. During the first days, not all available trains will run, since unfortunately one cannot compare real-time traffic with undisturbed test runs... Until christmas, I think, we will an acceptable train frequency. Same goes for the illumination. We hope that until then we have worked in our approx. 25,000 lamps into the day/night simulation. Las vegas, for instance, will most probably need a couple of months, until all lights work properly. Those having been to Las Vegas can certainly imagine the work amount waiting for us...

Lighting up Miami

meanwhile, Miami has its street lights and almost all buildings are in their final locations..

Lighting up Miami

Now we just a couple of palm trees and humans to add life to the streets.

The main station in America

The main station building is now connected to the platforms.

A SWAT Team in America

Not far from the main station there's trouble.

A SWAT Team in America

A SWAT-Team encircled a gang of really bad guys in an old warehouse.

One of the last bridges in America is built in

One of the last bridges was built in and the rest waits to be implemented.

Coloring the rocks

In the meantime, more and more rocks...

Coloring the rocks

show their final shape; just by painting them....

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