Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.10.03 at 09:08 hrs

Weekly Report No 154, CW 41

From Monday, 06.10.2003 to Sunday, 12.10.2003

Finally, a weekly report that offers solutions... solutions to our questions of the week, of course. Two of them can be answered today...

What else is going on? Today's newsletter will name an estimated opening date for the America-section. Those registering now for the newsletter will later be top informed.

Another special will be served tomorrow or in two days since Gerrit currently works on the first fire engine mission in Miami - time for a new video-clip.

Access hatches

Access hatches to reach the CarSystem staging areas. So far, we avoided access hatches but this area is so narrow...

Access hatches

... that without hatches we wouldn't be able to reach a single vehicle.

The gorge in America

The deepest ( and steepest ) gorge is located on the right leg of the American section.

The Luxor-Hotel in Las Vegas

Just arrived but neither unpacked nor illuminated: The Luxor-Hotel in Las Vegas

The light control adapter for Las Vegas

On the other hand, numerous light control adapters wait to light up the hotels in Las Vegas....

Detailling the canyon

Detailling the canyon makes good progress,...

Detailling the canyon

at least, as far as scenry is concerned. :-)

A shark under Key West

And here is the answer to the first riddle: A solemn diver is chased by a big white shark. Of course, this is a pushbutton - action. We only hope that the poor guy has enough condition to escape the shark, even in spite of all the kid's fingers pressing the button :-)

The Harley Davidson Shop

Ok, there is a Harley shop in the middle section of the layout but those who thought this would be the solution are wrong! ;-)

The Harley Davidson-Cafe

This part is located in Las Vegas and part of a Harley-Davidson cafe's facade!

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