Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.09.03 at 09:14 hrs

Weekly Report No 150, CW 37

From Monday, 08.09.2003 to Sunday, 14.09.2003

A busy week is behind us but now we really start to rotate. The preparations for the 'Märklin Insider Days' and the 'Railway Day' don't leave us much room for aanything else.

But apart from that we racked up the rest of our resources and have the new online-shop up and running. This shop features a larger and well organized inventory and a couple of nice features like: online status of your order and many more.

But now to the new (and I guess, long waited for) pictures ;-)

The stone bridge

The stone arch bridge is now built in and the adjoining scenery also starts to grow.

The stone bridge

Plaster-wise, the canyon is almost ready. Just a few patches and a bit finetuning is all that's left to do.

The canyon

Please, no storm in the exhibition hall....

Oops, what's this?

Oops, what's this?

Oops, what's this?

Sure, there's a " No-Talking-Rule " in effect for all the forum members who watched me taking this shot this evening ;-)

The underwater world

In the depths of the sea, flora and fauna abound......

The underwater world

... but although I tried hard (I know it is already there), I couldn't take a picture of the beast in the cave. I guess, we will have to wait until the push button is connected before we get acceptable pictures.

Testing the loading dock in America

meanwhile, Gerrit works on the loading dock and runs a couple of tests. Status so far: Exceptionally optimistic!

Entrance to the Rockies

The Rocky Mountains now have an entrance door. It helps keeping those all too inquisitive 'kids' from playing with the trains in the staging yards.

The mountains in America

Slowly, the landscape begins to develop.In some spaces, the mountain summits almost reach the ceiling.

A tunnel portal

First step before the scenery can be roughed in with wire mesh:

A tunnel portal

Tunnel portals have to be installed. Here are two really beautiful examples, scratch built from wood: the top one was made by Kai, the one in the lower picture was built by Gaston.

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