Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.09.03 at 09:17 hrs

Weekly Report No 148, CW 35

From Monday, 25.08.2003 to Sunday, 31.08.2003

Again the optical appearance changed dramatically but with a minor work effort. Half of the layout section has the basic paint down and so it seems as if we will be ready soon. No way! The base coat is just one of the many steps that will follow until the scenery with all its details cann attract the visitor.

Enough words; here are the pictures:

At the beach of Miami

The deck chairs had to be set aside one more time since there was not enough sand on the beaches...

The desert around Las Vegas

preparations for the upcoming 'Yellowing' -

The desert around Las Vegas

Yellow, because a desert-like vegetation fits Las Vegas a lot better than the green meadows of the north-western US

The canyon under construction

The central massive in the canyon area keeps on growing.

The canyon under construction

Moreover, work started on the bridge

The canyon under construction

which will have to support the dangling CarSystem-road (pict.5) over the gorge.

Stone arch bridge

The 'foundation' of the stone arch bridge is made from wood and will completely be covered with clay bricks.

Stone arch bridge

The bricks have been ...

Stone arch bridge

produced in tideous manual work by a female fan...

Stone arch bridge

(who's name I don't know yet. I will tell you the artist's name next week).

The skeleton of the Rocky Mountains

The skeleton of the Rocky Mountains is ready and now the subroadbeds are built in.

At the foothills of the Rockies

A small logging camp is located at the foothills of the Rockies. Here, trees are transloaded from the river to the rails.

Branchline to the mountains.

This branchline goes up into the mountains.