Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.08.03 at 09:18 hrs

Weekly Report No 147, CW 34

From Monday, 18.08.2003 to Sunday, 24.08.2003

This week we have a colorful palette of topics; from raw benchwork to test runs to fine tuning.

We also meet an old aquaintance although he/she changed a lot.

Moreover, PRO 7 came back and further documented the American section (most likely, this report will be braodcasted in December but will announce it in the newsletter).

The test engine

Who can remember this beauty? Test-engine Neidhardt in the old design made it's way to the 'plastic surgeon' Chris .....

The test engine.

El Desperado Neidhardt Wayne. In this brandnew look, the 3-rail sheriff inspects the new trackage between the Europe-America tunnel and the Central Station.

The test engine

Also on board: the overhead-hight inspection indian and the clearance measuring cactii....

Miami beach life

Miami beach life: Be it a btiki bar offering tropical cocktails...

Miami beach life

or Beach-Vollyball; there's something for everybody.

Bridge mock-up

Test fitting and design test for the bridges in the rear part of the peninsula.

Bridge mock-up

Where will the piers go, how are the proportions? If clarified in an early stage, these questions don't cause trouble during the actual project building phase.

The mountains in America

From the right and along the wall will be a huge mountain massive. Some of these mountains will actually 'scratch the ceiling'...

Tin barracks

Tin barracks - enclosed by barbed wire - shortly before they go into the layout...

We have lockers

Tada! Finally, we have lockers. They are located beheind the control stand in the middle section of the layout and free of charge. Only 1 EUR deposit is required to be able to tunr the key and lock up.

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