Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.08.03 at 09:19 hrs

Weekly Report No 146, CW 33

From Monday, 11.08.2003 to Sunday, 17.08.2003

Almost secretly and silent the second anniversary of the Wunderland passed. A short ceremony was held and toast brought out because we have to save our power for the upcoming events. America is just one topic; another one are the Maerklin Insider Days coming up here in Hamburg... in this conjunction we recommend all our visitors not to come on the weekend (Saturday, 20.9. and Sunday, 21.9.) since we expect long waiting time for non 'Maerklin Insider's.

Since we get more and more email request; here's a hint concerning our timeline: America is finished when we tell you... We can't, resp., don't want to issue an exact date. The best way to stay informed is to follow up our weekly reports to actually see when this section is completed.

Track works in America

On the right side of the layiout, carpenters and track layers swap shifts.

Construction of right of way

From time to time we have to call in the locksmith in order to weld a couple of additional supports which later can handle the massive Rocky Mountains...

Test fitting buildings

The peninsula currently sees a lot of tinkering with buildings and scenery.

Canyon under construction

if one moves around the central mound of the canyon,

Canyon under construction

one can see the development of the scenery..

Canyon under construction

From left to right: Risers & subroadbed (wood), roadbed (Merkur) & track (Peco), wire mesh, scenery (plaster)...

The Pueblo village

Our Pueblo village ( see 10-2003) definitely made a lot of progress since then...

When technicians are bored...

When technicians are bored...or: 'We took care that you don't loose your cellphone anymore...' ;-)

A Las Vegas hotel at light testing

The future Hotel Bellagio undergoes a first illumination test..

This is the real Bellagio in Vegas

Now the impression of the room lighting is thoroughly tested...

Light tests in the steelwork

There will be red-hot stell flowing in the steelworks..... at least; that's what this test implies.

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