Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.08.03 at 09:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 145, CW 32

From Monday, 04.08.2003 to Sunday, 10.08.2003

This time we will cater a bit more to the basics, more precisely the middle section where landscape and details are under way.

Under construction: the Central Station of America

Here's a view of the large central station in the American part.

The steel works

The steel work will not - as originally intended - be built at the front of the layout but at the rear instead. At the front, we would lack space for the large building and the needed trackwork.

Las Vegas under construction

A view to Las Vegas where currently buildings of the Bellagio and the Hotel Paris are under construction.

Truck loading dock and road

Slowly, the landscape becomes recognizable behind the truck loading dock.

Offroad fun in America

This is the place to go if you want to put your Jeep through it's paces...

The canyon

A rail tunnel to the left and a 'hole in the wall' for the CarSystem to the right.

The canyon

The oppsite side of the canyon.

Indian village in the canyon

The native indians also could move in now...

Building the canyon

...if the ancient village was still inhabited ...

Overhead catenary in America

A first test for the overhead catenary. However, only the 3-rail track will be outfitted with catenary. We will try hard to make it look 'interesting' like the American prototype (some Europeans might say that they look chaotic, though).

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