Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.07.03 at 09:25 hrs

Weekly Report No 143, CW 30

From Monday, 21.07.2003 to Sunday, 27.07.2003

Well, here is the 143rd weekly report. In order to speed things up, I'm not going to tell stories since the pictures talk for themselves. Many things happened; in fact that many that two topics for the next week (Mangroves and sunflowers) are already on the list.

The large wooden trestle in America

Again the large trestle is built in....

The large wooden trestle in America

... only to remove it (to protect the bridge from damage) very soon but Wolfgang needs the exact end poritions of the bridge....

The large wooden trestle in America order to lay his track around the mountain plateau.

Gaston performing table dance in America???

It is a mere coincidence that some moves around the layout look like table dance but we wanted them documentated for our successors....

Road markers in America

Road markers mean a lot of tinkering.

Road markers in America

Again and again, Gerrit runs the vehicles down the road and then pencils in the markers to make them fit.

The buildings in Miami

Miami, sometimes with buildings and a bit later already with beaches and water .

Growing mangrove swamps

Right behind Miami mangroves will grow in a swamp but that's a story for the next report.

The central station in America

This a view over the future central station which is located inbetween the vehicle loading ramp and the highway forming a wide curve...

Track on the high plateau

Now the trackwork is down in the high plateau. While landscaping continues in the foreground, the 4th and last level of staging yards can be seen.

Color shades in the canyon

Color is coming in .... but how?

Color shades in the canyon

Theses shades of red and brown originally can only be seen in the morning and evening hours when the sunlight lets the rocks 'glow'.

Color shades in the canyon

All efforts to simulate this light using light were, so far, in vain....

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