Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.07.03 at 09:26 hrs

Weekly Report No 142, CW 29

From Monday, 14.07.2003 to Sunday, 20.07.2003

National mourning week of the MiWuLa fan commnuity.... The web what-ever is on vacation which has a horrible consequence:The weekly report

IS DROPPED, cancelled, nothing, nada ....

+++ Knuffingen: As it became known that the reporter has the chuzpe to go on vacation for the next week, people suffered from panic attacks and hoarded the EK-MiWuLa Extras part 1 and 2. Nonetheless, the moderators bundled their powers and managed to withdraw the platform for the almost instantly maroding spammers in the forum and calm down the frigtened crowd with words:'We will have another one next week...'. +++

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