Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.07.03 at 09:27 hrs

Weekly Report No 141, CW 28

From Monday, 07.07.2003 to Sunday, 13.07.2003

Today, we have a couple of pictures for those interested in details and high-tech. Moreover, there are nearly daily changes and more details to see in the american part.

The team around Frank Zarges staged another 5 day filming session (almost every night until 8:00 in the morning). They retreated now for a raw cut of the filmed material. The premiere is planned for the 1st August but who knows if this deadline can be kept? Well, everybody struggles to make it work... The DVD and the video will be availabe in our shop from the day when we receive notice from the copier / press works. A newsletter will inform you about the release. And there's another hint that just hit the desk: on 29.7. PRO 7 repeats the minutes reports about us in the Gallileo - show! Well, and now enjoy the new pictures:

The camera

From "new" to "broken"? Not in my life... We currently work on a cam-train which, however, won't deliver live pictures but on the other hand has it's own recorder on-board...

The camera

The first try with this PC-105 failed since Sony can't deliver the nessessary connection wires. The main problem is the right-of-way which doesn't leave much space...

The sunflower field

Sunflowers, variant 2 - and this variant looks a lot more convincing. The left picture shows "wet" earth but once dried, the soil is completely dull and looks very convincing...

The sunflower field

The patience Bobby shows while he is planting the flowers is simply unbelievable!

Treasure Island details

Now that we successfully bought the "Pinta" via eBay, the area around the restaurants is completely finished and just wait for the Pinta to take her place on stage...

Highway ramp under construction

Highway exit... The streets take up more and more space. After some thorough tests the scenic team may have a go at them...

County road in the canyon

Mountain road in the canyon - this will be as exciting as in real life: the lane is just 1.5 cars wide. What will happen at head-on traffic?

Feeder road to Miami

The feeder road to Miami is ready and now the scenery is growing. Wire mesh is used as a base for plaster and final scenicking materials.

The trestle between Miami and Cap Ken

Driveway through the swamp. Using a wooden trestle, the driver gets from Miami to Cape Ken.

Frames for the staging areas

While the fourth and smallest layer is still under construction other team members build the frame that will later support the staging area.

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