Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

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Weekly Report No 140, CW 27

From Monday, 30.06.2003 to Sunday, 06.07.2003

Today we have a closer look at the control stand from the viewpoint of the video-surveillance. Although it seems as if nothing had happened, nearly all tasks have been accomplished except for the cross-switch which is still missing.

One might think that "Big Brother is watching you" if one comprehends the sheer number of installed cams:

10 b/w Cameras
5 RGB Cameras
13 b/w Cameras
9 RGB Cameras
Harz Mountains:
10 b/w Cameras
5 RGB Cameras
14 b/w Cameras
13 RGB Cameras
15 b/w Cameras
10 RGB Cameras
Surveillance cams
for the public area:
15 b/w Cameras

77 b/w Cameras
42 RGB Cameras
four or five 360° Cameras

totalling to 124 Cameras

Block diagram for cameras

Working principle of the cameras:

All cams are connected to 30 8X video switches. Each video switch is connected to one of the 34 15" monitors. Furthermore, an additional outlet of each switch is connected to a 16in4 cross-switch which allow to connect each video switch to any of the four 22" monitors.

Cameras in the layout

The cams have been mounted to all important locations of the layout. The staging areas are fitted with b/w cams since they deliver a good picture even at bad light conditions.

Cameras in the layout

he visible layout area mainly has RGB cams installed in order enable our visitors to have the one or other unusual view of the layout.

Video switches

he power packs are seen at the bottom of the picture while the top shows one of the 8X video switches.

Power supply for the cameras

These are the connections to the cross-switches which have not yet arrived (seen here is the in-side).

Monitors at the control stand

The 15" monitors form 2 rows (left picture) atop the computer monitors; the 22" monitors are placed in the center of the lower area.

Monitors at the control stand

This way, the operator can look into every nook and cranny of the layout and is able to correct any error or failure.

Test runs on the American highway

Test runs on the American highway.

Test runs on the American highway

Several trucks passed their intensive tests on the highway.

Test runs on the American highway

Gerrit seemed quite confident after seeing 20 trucks

Test runs on the American highway

going round in circles withou major flaws.

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