Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.06.03 at 09:30 hrs

Weekly Report No 139, CW 26

From Monday, 23.06.2003 to Sunday, 29.06.2003

There's a lot of action in America these days, at least for the eye. The technician's work, who already put in miles of wiring, can't actually be seen as long as we can't tackle the lighting.

Next week, we'll have an overview about the technical stuff for the cameras, which is incorporated into the central control stand. A whole bunch of observation is bundled there.

Key West under construction

Key West - still protected by a wooden wall so nobody can accidentally damage it ( Yes, this can happen to us, too. The guest is not always the 'bad guy' :-) ).

Key West under construction

But why is the island dangling in the air?

The platform of Miami

The platform behind Miami is also ready. The Everglades will go in where the foam block is lying right now.

A CarSystem bridge for America

The Carsystem will cross the badlands on a bridge to Las Vegas.

Vehicle loading bay

(Time travel to fall 2003) The loading dock for the cars - the waiting zone is located in the background while up front we have the track where the trains will stop. (Time travel to 30th June)... Well, not really much to see here yet.... ;-)

Underpass in Vegas

An underpass between car loading dock and the crossing Miami / Las Vegas.

A working platform in America

In the meantime, the model builders erected a couple of working platforms to start scenicking around the Vegas - area...

Staging yards

Rocky Mountains - Staging areas: The scaffolding for the 3rd and 4th levels is prepared, the 3rd level is completely wired.

Sunflower alarm!!!!!

Sunflower alarm!!!!!

Sunflower alarm!!!!!

As it looks, a miss at the first try.... Doesn't look really realistic but we work out a new way to position the flowers. One thing's for sure: we need a far better ground than we have now...

Airport illumination

The runway fires are almost ready.

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