Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.06.03 at 09:32 hrs

Weekly Report No 138, CW 25

From Monday, 16.06.2003 to Sunday, 22.06.2003

Things are speeding up pretty much now. The picture in the American section changes almost daily. Nonetheless, we know that a lot of work is still ahead of us... It will take months, until we're really ready.

There's no riddle this week, but a couple of fantastic close-up fotos will hopefully compensate for this. Bobby does a lot of detail-work on the Treasure Island. Just great!

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center slowly nears completion. Most of the rockets are still missing though but Apollo has already landed...

Site of the launching pad

This is where the launching pad for the space shuttle is built. At the same time, the shuttle kit (thanks to Revell, who dug one out of their fundus) is prepared.

Restaurant area in front of theTreasure Island

The restaurant area in front of the Treasure Island is done, and the next problem shows up:

Restaurant area in front of theTreasure Island

We would like to use another Revell kit for the ship, no. 5482 - Pinta.

Restaurant area in front of theTreasure Island

And now dig this: naturally, the ship also is no longer in Revell's assortment. Let's hope, that our helpful friends at Revell once again are successfull when rumbling through their basement...

Car-System in Miami under construction

Car-System in Miami. Gerrit is busy drafting, and laying the wire and turnouts.

American 'underground'...

In the middle part, the team is still working on the "underground". One can bareley foresee the future scenery.

Staging yards in America

Staging areas: Second level complete and in goes the third level. Once all levels are in, there's only thing to cover all these tracks: the Rocky Mountains ;-)

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