Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.06.03 at 09:34 hrs

Weekly Report No 137, CW 24

From Monday, 09.06.2003 to Sunday, 15.06.2003

Slowly, but surely, the picture comes to life in America. Where the technicians were busy yesterday, the model builders (lead by our "wood-worms") conquer the layout.

There is a new special run car available in our assortment. The reefer transports glacial ice from St. Wendel to Hamburg - and yes: the car is also up for sale in our shop.

Staging yard under America

The first staging area has nearly disappeared and the second level is ready to go in.

Staging yard under America

Latest by the end of next week, hardly anything will be seen of the first level...

The loop around Las Vegas...

The loop around Las Vegas...

Roads for the CarSystem in America

Action at the CarSystem in Vegas. Gerrit is busy laying out the street routes.

Rockets for NASA

Rockets have to be built for the NASA area. Apart from the space shuttle, we will of course also show the Kennedy Space Center (although in a very compressed form. After all, we don't have space!)

Building the Treasure Island Hotel

The Treasure Island Hotel comes to life.

Building the Treasure Island Hotel

The picture below shows the base plate...

Building the Treasure Island Hotel

...where the hotel, pirate town, and ship will be located.

More color tests for the Canyon

Color tests for the canyon. To make the canyon look somewhat realistic, a lot of experimenting and testing has to be executed. After all, the canyon shows it's dark-red color only at sunset...

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