Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.06.03 at 09:46 hrs

Weekly Report No 135, CW 22

From Monday, 26.05.2003 to Sunday, 01.06.2003

Finally, it's done: Our server moved to a new location and the small problems left should be cleaned up by now. However, it may well be that one or two mistakes have been overlooked. Should that be the case, just drop a short posting to the forum/ Website / Error messages.
We have excellent news for users of the public transport system and all guests coming from the Landungsbrücken: Never had it been easier to reach us than today! The customs fence had been demolished between Speicherstadt and Hanseatic Trade Center and thus, there is a wonderful short walk along the canal from Baumwall directly to our front door. An updated description with fotos in the area "How to find us" will follow next week.

Battery for the control center

More and more components for the central command stand are completed. Here we see the backsides of a battery of camera-switchers. The frontplates with the toggle switches will be integrated into the command station, the jacks will disapear in a rack to right of the command station.

Bungy Jumping in the jungle

Bungy Jumping in the forest - from the hanging bridge down into the river. Pure action for natives and tourists.

Mass production of sequoias

Mass production of Sequoias. After all, we need a complete forest....

Airport illumination

The lighting of the airport nears completion. In order to light both sides of the runway, a ca. 10 cms wide strip is attached to the visitor's side.

A truck

Another reason for this extension is the planned Carsystem in the airport area. A fence is urgently needed to prevent the cars from cruising off the layout...

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