Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

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Weekly Report No 134, CW 21

From Monday, 19.05.2003 to Sunday, 25.05.2003

An exciting week lies behind us: The japanese cherryblossom queen visited the layout, and the team of Eisenbahn Romantik lead by Hagen von Ortloff stayed for three days to shoot pictures of the Hamburg part.
Also this week: we took out the measure to see how long the american freight train is, and a horror report about Knuffingen...

Bomb attack in Knuffingen

Knuffinger Anzeiger, Special Report


POK Herbert Sharpnose suspended due to heavy mis-judgements?

Bomb attack in Knuffingen

This Sunday, today, a fatal incident happened in Knuffingen. Terrorists blew up the gas station! So far, there are no clues to the assassins and eventual eye-whitnesses seem to have vanished. The Knuffingen police desperately seeks living ey-whitnesses! Should you be able to contribute to the clarification of this incident, please drop a note to the Knuffingen police using polizei.knuffingen(at)

Bomb attack in Knuffingen

Voices after the attack:
Stefan Peuker & Wolfgang Wicht, traffic wardens: "We immediately took all nessessary steps but the suspects couldn't be traced down."
Sabine B√ľnning of the town planning committee: "We will act sensitively. I myself approved the building application this sunday."

Bomb attack in Knuffingen

Manfred Pechmann (Contractor in Knuffingen): "We already took the debris away and will immediately start to erect a new gas station in order to keep the traffic flowing in Knuffingen...."

Grand Canyon progress

The facing side of the canyon's gorge which we build externally and insert later, also takes on shape.

Subroadbed in America

Work also starts on the far side of the canyon. The subroadbed will lead from the staging yard up to the lower bridge spanning the canyon.

Staging yard in America

We grabbed the measure and awed:

The (so far) longest train in America

The actual length of the "oversized" freight train that regularly and flawlessly moves around the testloop in America :

The (so far) longest train in America

1,110 cms or roughly 36 feet!

The throat of Las Vegas Terminal

Entering the station in "Central-USA" from Florida. The transition between 2-rail and 3-rail track will most probably never be used but has nonetheless to be corrected. The difference of turnout radii causes an akward piece of trackwork...

Scratch built sequoias

Sequoias, scratchbuilt (and kitbashed) in 5 steps. The stem is carved from balsa and worked with a wire brush, then stained. The upper part is a commercial evergreen glued to the balsa base. Last step: spray painting the whole stem light brown and highlighting with light gray.

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