Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.05.03 at 09:55 hrs

Weekly Report No 133, CW 20

From Monday, 12.05.2003 to Sunday, 18.05.2003

Well, there won't be many pictures this weeek, although, if you look a bit closer, there are more pictures than ever.
Done: The first test drives were executed in the american part! Therefore, we decided this weeek to show you a video. But please, don't cry if it takes a bit longer - we just show the passing of a short freight train... ;-)
Everybody is back from holidays now. This means that in the next days the place will buzz with work again.

Knuffinger Anzeiger, Extra Report

After several days of intense research of the special task force Soko 1, teamed up from members of the department PK12 / Hamburg and the Knuffingen department, no traces could be made out yet. Unfortunately, the vast amount from public hints didn't lead to usable results either. Only the name of the terror-group responsible could be manifested.

POK Herbert Scharfsinn: "This group is known as ┬┤MiWuLa-Visitor┬┤. There is, however, no reason to panic. As far as we know, there is only a small chance that this will happen again."

The Knuffinger Anzeiger will follow up this matter and keep you posted...

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