Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.05.03 at 09:57 hrs

Weekly Report No 132, CW 19

From Monday, 05.05.2003 to Sunday, 11.05.2003

The port celebrating it's anniversary and warm weather outside... The perfect day of a weekend to visit the Miniatur Wunderland since at such a weather the waiting time is reduced to zero.
The parade track is nearly finished and while Wolfgang lays down the last pieces of track, Dag is busy transferring the trackplan to the computer, thus enabling us to test-drive very soon.
And another "working pit" slowly but surely comes to an end: the airport is currently being detailed. Apart from the runway-markings, all fires and positioning lamps are built in.
Knuffinger Anzeiger, Extra Report
Search initiated and under way

In relation with the missing 6 policemen from a Knuffingen police station, 2 missing horses and the two missing Hamburg colleagues the speical task force of the PK12 is searching for several suspects!

POK Herbert Scharfsinn: "It is definitely a high-jacking! Members of a small group with an affinity for cleptomany brutally stroke. We could identify several suspects which can be described as follows: Age between 4 and 90 years, wearing different clothes, height between 80cm and 1,95m, hair blonde, darkblonde, lightbrown, brown, black, or gray, and they tend to brutality and vandalism. Hints from the public are gretaly appreciated by the department PK 12 / Hamburg / Wunderland via E-Mail or in the forum."
The Knuffinger Anzeiger will follow up this matter and keep you posted...
Wires in America

In some places, the masses of cables and wires can still be seen, but in other spots subroadbeds and staging areas already hide them.

US highway under construction

The highway: You can't see it in the foto...

US highway under construction

but the guiding wires, turnouts and contacts for the cars have already been pencilled in.

The end of the parade track

The end of the parade track is nearly ready. Just the curve in the background is left and then the track is ready for testdriving.

The Europe-America connection

Massive concrete piers support the main and the Euro-America track.

The Europe-America connection

Meanwhile, the branchline has to wait until the parade track is done.

Waterfall in a canyon

The waterfall from another perspective. This will be the view a paraglider has at jump-off. The model is a steep cliff of about 50 cms (19.69 inches).

Steel works under construction

Our steelworks also emerged from the depths of the paint shop. It took on it's characteristic colors.

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