Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.05.03 at 10:00 hrs

Weekly Report No 131, CW 18

From Monday, 28.04.2003 to Sunday, 04.05.2003

Late this week, but here is the report! Reason for being late was our attendance at the Märklin days in Göppingen, the "house fair" of Märklin. But on now to the infos: The highway and the subroadbeds meander through the scenery. High pressure is put on the first mainline in order to start testing as soon as possible.

Knuffinger Anzeiger, Extra Report

6 colleagues of the Knuffingen police, 2 horses, and 2 colleagues of the Hamburg police are missing in action. What happened? The PK12 / Hamburg teamed up with Knuffingen section and formed a task force to clarify the case. The task force fears for the worst as teamleader Herbert Tracker said: "Most probably the colleagues have been brutally kidnapped. Traces at the crime scenes lead to this conclusion."

The Knuffinger Anzeiger will follow up this matter and keep you posted...

US highway under construction

The highway now snakes through the imaginary scenery. Just below street level, the parade-track for the very long trains is running. The staging area for the Carsystem has been covered with plastic foil to prevent dirt and dust littering the area during scenicking.

Staging area in America

The lower statging yard is now completely built in and fixed with screws. The two inner spurs (track is still missing here) will accomodate the oversized trains. Once all trackwork is in place, the next level can be tackled.

Las Vegas area

The end of the parade track uses a wide curve to lead back into the staging yard. Looking at the background, the reader will see that Las Vegas had to be re-planned ;-)

The Sphinx in front of the Luxor hotel in Vegas

Very good to see : the Sphinx in front of the Luxor hotel... Eh, pardon me? A teddy??? Yep, but this is just a mock-up. And while Wolfgang is busy laying track for the branchline, Gaston builds the bridge piers for the Euro-America - tracks.

Grand Canyon under construction

The waterfall in the canyon also is roughed in. We're excited to see the wooden bridge being set into place but this can only happen once the facing canyon wall has been modelled.

Fitting test for Miami

A mock-up for Miami - This picture will help Sabine later on to remember the exact positions of the structures.

The control center

The Central Command Station progresses really well. Masses of wires are prepared to extend cameras, monitors, mice, and kyeboard connections to this mighty structure.

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