Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.04.03 at 10:02 hrs

Weekly Report No 130, CW 17

From Monday, 21.04.2003 to Sunday, 27.04.2003

Finally, a stress-free week ahead of us... Stress-free? Hmmm, no, after the last week was marked up by extended opening hours, today PRO 7 rolled in to document the building progress.... Overtime again. Coming weekend we'll be at Göppingen attending the Märklin-days with our own booth located in the foyer of the town hall in order to represent Hamburg. So much for a calm week...

What else is new? The first level of staging yrds in America is going in and also the model builders haven't been lazy. But see for yourself:

Mangrove swamps

Mangrove swamps: An experimental model by Bobby or reality?

Mangrove swamps

Ok, you got us! It is "just" a model, as can be easily seen by the missing alligators ;-)

The canyon under construction

Meanwhile, Harry carved the other side of the canyon. A couple more square inches, and the first rock is ready for paint.

First buildings in the canyon area

Bobby "implanted" the first structures and starts scenicking the landscape on the other side.

Steel work for America

Manfred is building the steel works which now has is primed. Next week, it will be weathered.

Control Center under construction

As the cable channels and aircondition are prepared at the back of the control stand, PRO 7 documents the work for their next braodcast.


Another test, most seemingly for the sunflower fields... those 15 flowers are supposed to have some more 49985 sisters.

Light control for the American section

The lighting computer for America is installed and the software is ready to go. From now on, there will be several hundred hours of work to program all light effects.

Waste bins

Finally a scene of which even I don't know where to find it ;-)

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