Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.04.03 at 10:04 hrs

Weekly Report No 129, CW 16

From Monday, 14.04.2003 to Sunday, 20.04.2003

Time for a Easter egg hunt. Naturally we keep up and let the audience search for a couple of them. The task: Find a small part out of a huge picture... Enjoy!

Well, and on a very short notice, we just learned that there will be a broadcast this evening, Tuesday - 04/22/2004. Unfortunately, the NDR didn't inform us in time and therefore once again the hint: N3, Die Reportage, at 21.45 hrs

Canyon under construction

One side of the canyon is nearly finished as far as the plaster-works go. In the upper part, a small length of track swings freely over the gorge. It will be supported by a small wooden trestle later on.

Canyon under construction

Different rock strata...

Canyon under construction

make for an interesting...

Canyon under construction

picture of the deep gorge.

Small wooden trestle

And this will be the trestle supporting the free swinging track.

Small wooden trestle

It is, like many other bridges, a scratchbuilt one of our house brand 'Gaston'./p>

Staging yards in America

We still didn't have a chance to build in the staging yards. Problems with the turnout motors held us up and thus we don't make a lot of progress here.

Bryce Canyon (the real thing)

Bryce Canyon, a picture that served us at another part of the layout. Thx @ Harry ;-)

ICE train wreck

Phew!! That could've been a lot worse! The ICE dug up the already standing train at medium speed.

ICE train wreck

Just a little bit more speed and could have picked up a lot of junk from the floor...

The 'Landungsbrücken' of Hamburg

Now for searching Easter-eggs. originally, I intended to let you search for the guy in the traditional jacket (his name is Otto Hare) but then I noticed that the AOL - arena is visible in this picture. So I had to drop that (Attention: this is an "insider"! Forum readers know more ;-)).

Church 'St. Michael' in Hamburg

The original TIF has monstrous 50.1 MB. The cut-out is somewhat smaller and heavily compressed as JPG. Nonetheless, this is definetly a picture for DSL- or cable modem owners. ISDN , or worse, modem owners should have a hang to masochism to download this 1.2 MB file ;-). Search task: How many jumpers were on the top platform of the open air bath at the time this picture was taken?
*** Warning: Extra large file !!! ***

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