Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.04.03 at 10:06 hrs

Weekly Report No 128, CW 15

From Monday, 07.04.2003 to Sunday, 13.04.2003

Easter is close... The weather is fine and this is just the right time (secret hint!!!) to drop by the Wunderland in the afternoon... Astonishingly, afternoons are always really comfortable for viewing since there's almost always free sight from the railings-

But first things first: In the American section, the first subroadbeds are built in and the monstrous staging yards also make good progress.

Another novelty proved as a good measure in the meantime: we rented another room in the third floor. If a waiting line builds up, it is no more nessessary to wait in the windy staircase but in a lot more comfortable new room with air condition.

First subroadbed down in America

The first subroadbeds are down. The lower one leads from the America-Germany tunnel up to Las Vegas; the upper one represents one of the main lines through Vegas.

Las Vegas mock-ups

Las Vegas... created at the drawing board, many of the structures have been relocated in the meantime. It is really difficult to position them without mock-ups by just using imagination...

Bridge connection between Miami and Key West

You remember the long bridge connecting the Everglades with Key West? This is the positioing test... Hmmmm, what is that deep hole for ? :-)

That's Miami beach?

Miami Beach, a location for prosperous americans and rich tourists...

The plaster-canyon

Oh yes, something's missing... Unfortunately, Harry escaped me today; otherwise, I'd show you the prototype pictures... Well then, tomorrow is another day ;-)

Wire bunches

The wiring guys went to work... By far not everything that is needed, converges at the central command stand but there are already enough cables to dwarf the biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger... No, Hollywood is not planned in the american part (Attention: Insider for regular forum readers!).

The AOL Arena

Finally, a small appetizer: The first fotos by Frank Zarges, in this case shot "only" with the digital camera...

The AOL Arena

We already have the first scans and the 2004 - calender is at the printshop. Maybe, but just maybe, it will be available in our shop just before Easter.

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