Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

07.04.03 at 10:08 hrs

Weekly Report No 127, CW 14

From Monday, 31.03.2003 to Sunday, 06.04.2003

We had special guests: the First Modelling Club from Japan. 3.5 hours & ca. 400 fotos later, our japanese friends were off to their 10 - day mammoth-program around the topic "Trains". We're really exited and will watch the website of the Nagoya Model Railroad Club closely the next days.

>Well, and then there is the latest coup of the Wunderlanders: We rented another room in the 3rd floor under the bistro... Whatfor? Simple: It is a lot more comfortable to wait here than in the staircase - there are rumours that sometimes we have a waiting line ;-) Currently, we make plans for the outfit of the room; for instance are we thinking about monitors showing pictures of the layout to "sweeten" the waiting time even more.../p>

Deck bridge through the Everglades

This wooden deck bridge symbolizes ...

Deck bridge through the Everglades

the 7-mile bridge between the mainland and the Florida Keys.

The end of the line

The terminus of Key West is completely built on a wooden pier.

Switch machines for American trackage

Finally, the long waited for turnout motors arrived. The first ones are mounted and so the staging yards can be stacked on top of each other.

Canyon carving ...

Harry was really...

Canyon carving ...

carving away...t

Canyon carving ...

the surplus plaster and revealing the Canyon's structure.

What's this???

Question of the week: What's this going to be?

Las Vegas area

Well visible in the backgound is the area that will accomodate Las Vegas. Through the canyons of migty hotels and more than 10,000 lights we'll have the vehicles of the Car System cruising.

Each citizen should have his pool!

Just following the clishee: a swimming pool of rich Americans.

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