Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

31.03.03 at 10:10 hrs

Weekly Report No 126, CW 13

From Monday, 24.03.2003 to Sunday, 30.03.2003

A quiet week lies behind us and in general one gets the impression as if everybody was out on a short vacation. But of course a lot has been achieved this week, too; highest priority had our control stand - our Central Command Station - a first picture is shown a bit further below.

Plastering has begun

Hartry started bringin on the plaster for the canyon

Plastering has begun

Next week, we will be able to show close up how mountain structures are done.

Not good!!!!

This will cause serious trouble for Harry - those who don't use proper masking, will be lynched by the train operators (doesn't matter anyway, we're in America ;-)).

Fitting in the staging yards

America from behind the scenes.

Fitting in the staging yards

Soon, the staging yards will be fitted in and the risers will be set up.

Joachim in America

In the meantime, however, chief technician Joachim is heavily thinking about the wiring. Lots of wires have to go in as long as one has still enough free room to reach at them.

Just one bunch oif wires...

On the other hand, one has to be fair enough to allow time for thinking. Who wouldn't be puzzled at the sight of these bunches of wires???

The control stand under construction

Well, and that's it; the central command stand not only will incorporate all 22 computers (for a start) but also numerous monitors that will show the pictures from more than 50 cameras.

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