Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

24.03.03 at 10:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 125, CW 12

From Monday, 17.03.2003 to Sunday, 23.03.2003

It's unbelievable, how many votings we received concerning the special-run cars. The voting showed a clear favorite which we will present later on.

The layout also provides new exiting fotos. Finally, the skeleton of Hamburg Main Station presents itself on the layout. Not only working is a challenge, but also finding materials. It was not that easy to find a launching ramp for the Space Shuttle (Revell had one in their program years ago). And it was Revell who gave us their very last piece, so Cap Can. now offers the 'right' flair.

The grand hall of Hamburg Central Station

The grand hall of Hamburg Central Station

The grand hall of Hamburg Central Station

Finally, the skeleton is finished. It is built after the prototype although not quite correct: We simply don't have the space to build a dimensional correct structure.

Wire mesh on the canyon

Parts of the Grand Canyon are already covered with wire mesh. Very soon, Harry will start working with plaster here.

The rock arch in the canyon

The scenery offers lots of room for "playing around" with it, like this natural stone arch...

The rock arch in the canyon

or those needles, just how they may be found in parts of ....

Wooden deck brdige

The wooden bridge is nearly ready -

Wooden deck brdige

it just needs it's piers and a bit of weathering. After all, it already served the railroad company for many years.

Staging yard under construction

Work is nearly finished on the staging yard for the US-trucks. The board is mounted and nearly completely wired. It will offer space for ... vehicles.

Power for America

We'll need at least 2 of those power-pack groups to deliver enough current for lighting the american part.

The TransRapid station

The area around the airport also experienced a couple of changes. The terminus for the MetroRapid can be awed at, although it is not quite finished.

Buildings for America

The structure builders also were busy again (two examples are shown here) - about 60% of all structures for America are ready and wait to be implemented.

Buildings for America

Unfortunately, we still await the one or other delivery...

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