Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.03.03 at 10:15 hrs

Weekly Report No 123, CW 10

From Monday, 03.03.2003 to Sunday, 09.03.2003

The last saw a lot of nightshifts; not to press on the work on the layout but rather for film- and foto-productions. Apart from Soiegel TV, Frank Zarges also showed up and shot the last fotos of the Hamburg part which lets us hope to see the new slides very soon.

Staging area for the American CarSystem

The staging area of the american Car System. It took Gerrit quite a bit of work to gain a few square feet inbetween the tracks...

A small pueblo village

A small pueblo village,

A small pueblo village

...bustling with life...

Helix in America

This is the location of the pueblo village (right inner side of the helix). The background will be a steep sandstone cliff, crowned by another needle on the summit plains.

The Spiegel TV team in action

The Spiegel TV team in action.

The Spiegel TV team in action

Used again: the camera crane which provided for spectacular pictures in the first report.

The Spiegel TV team in action

When will this report be broadcasted?

The Spiegel TV team in action

This will be announced on our TV-tips web page.

A Container vessel

This vessel was originally planned as a container carrier ...

General cargo vessel

but we modified it a bit and now it is a general cargo freighter, positioned in the port area.

Construction of the main hall of the Hamburg Central Station

Hamburg Mainstation: We're close; although still not all parts for the hall have been delivered, we have enough parts to set up the steel girders of the main hall.

Train crash in Knuffingen

This time it is not the famous double slip at the entry of Knuffingen station...

Train crash in Knuffingen

but the result is no less dramatic...

The Speicherstadt in Hamburg

Sure enough, all insiders knew it: the solution to last week's question is the waiting line for the MiWuLa...

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