Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

24.02.03 at 10:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 121, CW 8

From Monday, 17.02.2003 to Sunday, 23.02.2003

Well, what's new this week? We bored a small through a wall in order to achieve a connection for the american Car System to a yet to be built charging station (We don't really expect the train transport to work flawlessly at the first attempt...)

Helix construction

The helix is ready now.

Helix construction

From here on, the track moves on to the central loading ramp for the Car System.

'Building America'

The first stating yard has just been finished and the next level is tackled without any waste of time. Here too, 10 meter (30 ft) trains can be parked.

A wooden bridge for America

A wooden deck bridge is under construction here.

A wooden bridge for America

It will carry the single track over the canyon later on.

Houses for Americans

The building contractors

Houses for Americans

work on more south-westernly buildings

Houses for Americans

rather than on

Houses for Americans

the super modern hotel palaces of Las Vegas...

A 'breakthrough'...

While a small hole had been bored through the wall to the small maintenance room,

Gerrit works on the American staging area for the CarSystem

, Gerrit is already working on the smaller staging yard for the American Car System which is located behind the hole.

The painted tunnel cavern

The tunnel cave received it's first paint cover. Finally.... after that thing took 5 days to dry ;-)

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